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A Creative Guide For Spiritual Journey Groups and Individuals

By Elizabeth Wood Willey


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“Footprints of the Soul was invaluable to me for facilitating our church’s Spiritual Growth Group. I was able to start the group using the exact Footprints structure and content, and then as group members’ individual spiritual paths became known, we augmented that with topics and material that were personally meaningful to us. The resource of Footprints of the Soul makes it easy to conduct a spiritual journey group that can provide guidance, support and safety for interested participants.”


Lucie Nisson, therapist & group facilitator at First Congregational Church of Ann Arbor


About the author

 Betsy Willey 

Elizabeth Wood Willey



*Graduated from the University of Michigan

*Completed the Program in Spiritual Direction at the Dominican Center of Grand Rapids 

*Became Certified in Healing Touch through Healing Touch International






About the book

A resource which includes:

Guides for fifteen "Journeys." or units of thematic, interfaith, prayer experiences.

A CD with 15 guided meditations that support the journeys.

A guide to lead a day long retreat.

Journal pages at the end of each journey



Footprints of the Soul” is an important resource for those who are looking for ways to reflect on the spiritual journey of life. Elizabeth Willey is unusually gifted at integrating the head and the heart. She brings an impressive breadth of knowledge to her deep commitment to practice. Her starting point, which is vital in all of the great traditions of spirituality, is the belief that we can hear within our own depths divine guidance for the journey, and very importantly that there are practical ways in which we can help one another listen. Footprints of the Soul is a superb example of this.”

Rev. Dr. J. Philip Newell, Celtic Theologian and former Warden of Iona Abbey, Scotland